Virtual Reality Development

Yellow Element discovered new horizons for itself. We began to develop new projects using VR technologies.
The term Virtual Reality denotes the whole artificially created reality. It can be reproduced using VR helmets and other devices. VR intention is to place users in an alternative state where they are able to experience various situations. It immerses the users in a 360-degree view of entirely new worlds where they can interact with and often manipulate the environment.
Using VR technologies Yellow Element creates new opportunities for its clients’ businesses.

What we do

Virtual reality is applied in various fields allowing users to experience the real environment in more immersive ways. Yellow element creates VR projects for many industries, some of them are presented below

Events industry

Technically created environments enable users to enjoy any events making them unusual and at the same time incredibly amusing. Moreover, VR lets people from around the world meet in the same place at the same time. Yellow Element creates a virtual reality that will make your event remembered for a long time and bring you a lot of benefits.

Marketing industry

If you want to enhance the number of customers, virtual reality is the best way to bring people closer to your products. VR offers consumers an immersive experience that allows them to connect with a product in a new engaging, interactive way.

Education industry

Virtual Reality makes the studying process exciting and more effective. Students perceive and absorb information much better if they enter a 3D environment that makes everything more interesting, exciting and enjoyable. VR simulations attract the attention of students and provide a deep understanding of the material with its further applying in real life.


We develop virtual reality apps for any modern VR headset.

Oculus go

Lenovo Explorer

Oculus Rift

Samsung Gear VR

Google DayDream

HTC Vive

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The Cost of AR, VR, MR Apps Development
  • Contract work
  • Phased work
  • Individual development
  • Download in Apple Store, Google Play
  • Technical support

Marker Application

  • Team: Unity3d AR expert
  • Languages and Technologies: Unity3d, Vuforia, EasyAr, MAXST, C#
  • Licensed photos from depositphotos, 5 photos
  • Free posting on our accounts Gppgle Play and Apple Store
  • The basic number of markers 5 pcs
development time
2-3 weeks

Markerless Application

  • 3-5 weeks
  • Team: Unity3d AR expert
  • Languages and Technologies: Unity3d, ARKit, ARCore, C#
  • Free posting on our accounts Gppgle Play and Apple Store
  • The basic number of markers 5 pcs
development time
3-5 weeks
Additional Cost
Licensed Library for ARVuforia (necessery for every app)
  • 99 usd/month
  • 499 usd/one time
Creating of a new account
  • Google Play – 25 usd/year
  • Apple Store – 99 usd/year
Application Content
  • 3D model without animation – 1000 usd
  • 3D model with animation – 1000 usd
  • Model purchase option: and model cost + 300 usd integration (+600 usd integration and animation)
Server side development
  • The cost of the server – from 1500 usd

You have an idea, but you do not know how to make it happen?

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