Mobile game development

Have you ever played any mobile game? Do you remember why and when you decided to play a mobile game? The appearance of powerful mobile devices has led to the rapid development of mobile apps and games.
We play games when we need to pass the time – a couple of hours while flying in the airplane, or a couple of minutes on the bus on the way to work or school. It became a useful tool that gives the possibility to refocus attention and have a quick rest from routine work.

Creating Branded Games

Depending on your need you can order a branded game or profitable game application. Mobile game development begins with providing detailed market research and an analysis of competitors.
This research helps to identify the target audience and to interact with them successfully. In other words, you determine the market for building a strategy for promoting your product. We are sure that if you decided to create a mobile game you’ve got a unique idea.
Other important features in mobile game development are content and original adaptive design, intuitive interface and well-structured implementation. The Yellow Element team has great experience in mobile game development and could help you in any stage of this process.

Stages of Mobile Game Development

Marketing Research
Providing services of marketing research and analysis of competitors allow to work out a company’s operation strategy and eliminate wrong decisions.
Concept and Prototype
Searching for optimal solutions for development, creating the prototype and working on the project concept enable to obtain the overall view of the future product.
Project Launch
The first version of the project is launching and get first statistics and impressions from users according to them a full version is building and launch for market release.
Promotion and Support
Mobile game improving, eliminating errors, providing promotion services for getting the best result – a great game with a big audience.
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Mobile Games



Cross-Platform Applications

Working with The Yellow Element Team

Whether you decided to work with the studio like Yellow Ellement or with a freelance developer we strongly recommend you to conclude a contract that will protect your rights about copyright, information protection, project deadlines and the price of fixing bugs.
Another benefit of working with studio is that you get the full scope of services including promoting. Mobile game promoting consists of promoting in social networks, advertising in different groups an communities, news feeds. The well-built promoting company makes your product noticed on the market and makes it popular among users.

You have an idea, but you do not know how to make it happen?

Contact us in any convenient for you way and Yellow Element team will be glad to help you to realize your idea into a real life.