Mobile App Development

The mobile application is a modern marketing tool for interacting with clients. It is the most suitable way for the customer to explore the benefits of ordering your product or service, for getting a consultation or making an online request.
The mobile application connects clients and companies quickly and effectively which is very important in the present world of fast-growing technologies. If you decided to order the branded mobile application you need to understand what goals you want to reach – to get new clients, to bring them your product or services, or maybe something else.

Interact with customers at your mobile application

The Yellow Element team has experienced in our work that the main criterion for downloading the mobile application is a commercial value for clients. If your application doesn’t bring any value to clients nobody won’t use it.
The high-quality mobile application should constantly focus on clients’ needs. This is the first step in the successful development mobile app.
Also, clients love any intelligent loyalty programs with a lot of discounts and surprises. They will always remember about your company because it is close – in their mobile device!

Stages of Mobile Application Development

Technical Specification
Providing marketing researchers, evaluation of time and costs of the project, creating UI/UX design, programming development of main structure of the mobile app.
Creating Prototype
Development of the main functionality of the mobile application, back-end and API, providing testing of all systems, implementation of the design.
Project Launch
Filling the mobile app with content, final testing and fixing errors, delivering the final version to client, support and promotion,hosting to Google Play and App Store.
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Mobile Applications

iOS Application

iOS platform is the second one to use among mobile users. This is a strategic sphere for promoting and growing business.

Android Applications

Android is one of the most widespread mobile platforms. Interacting with clients on this platform will bring a wide audience.

Back-end Development

The high-quality mobile app has to have good both Front-end and Back-end. It will transfer data between the resource and users effectively.

Make you business more successful

For creating successful mobile application are needed a couple of main factors – a unique idea, a good advertising company and of course professional development team.
Yellow Element is a qualified team that has all resources for implementing any ideas in life. The mobile app market is constantly growing. Nowadays big companies are ordering mobile apps because having the only Web site isn’t enough for interacting with clients.
The high-quality mobile application is what will make a business more successful!

You have an idea, but you do not know how to make it happen?

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