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For the most part, our web design and development projects take from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the site’s scope and size.
Collaborating with our clients we always conclude an agreement that guarantees the work will be carried out in full and on time.
Whether you have or don’t have a domain name we can help you to find the best hosting in your region and to registry a domain name.
Yes! Every site we build is responsive and designed to look great and work well on any device (desktop computers, smartphones and tablets).
Yes! With our enhanced WordPress CMS and additional plugins Elementor and Crocoblock, you are able to update your site. Moreover with our training videos you can learn how to manage it on your own. But if something goes wrong we are always ready to help you.
Yes! We follow SEO semantic coding standards and all projects we do are search engine friendly.
Our company has experience in collaborating with international clients. With current technologies there is no problem to communicate being in different parts of the world.
All changes should be done to the end of the third stage of the creation Website. It is very hard to change the design when the development stage begins. As the modern design is user-friendly so every element on the page, every color is aimed to interact with the user. And making changes can ruin all these communications
The prototype is a detailed plan of the Website. It is the visualization of ideas and sharing design concepts with customers. Working on this stage it is easy to make changes into the design, implement different ideas that meet with the targeted audience and needs of future Websites. Usually, we create two different mockups, so the customer could choose what he really needs.
The standard contract between our Web-studio and our customers indicates who is the decision-maker and who can make changes, give material and determine the overall concept of the Website. It is also indicated that the customer is provided with real-time information about the development stage. Well-established communication shows the level of reliability and professionalism of the developer.
In the standard contract between our Web-studio and our customers is indicated that all the rights on information, materials and future Website belong to the customer. The contractor has no right to disclose this information or pass it on to third parties. We also conclude NDA with our clients if it is needed.
All the materials and content, information for the future Website are provided by the customer. If you don’t have it you can order services of content-manager who can create it for additional payment.
The technical specification is a written description of the development of the site. This document is signed together with the contract if an animation is not included in the technical specification the cost of future Website will rise according to the functionality you want to add.
Yes, you can create a multilingual website. All these requirements must also be indicated in the technical specifications before the development stage starts.
If you order Website with CMS (Client Management System) you could make changes on your own. Our experts will create training videos specifically for you, which will show how to make changes to your Website. But if you are not sure you can do this – we are always happy to help you.
Yes, it’s possible. You can link your Website with your private pages or your company page so customers could follow your latest news in social networks.
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